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Jewish Ancestral Reverence Practices for Collective Liberation

October 29, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 9:45 am PDT

The past and future live and breathe inside of us. We offer this space for the sake of our wild and precious lives, and with an understanding that our peoples have survived so much that supports our embodied knowing and resistance in these times. 

Hineinu – Here we are. As Jews, we feel in our bones and tissues that our safety, dignity and belonging demands that we show up for all marginalized communities. In this moment of great transformation in our world, we draw on the wisdom of our culture and ancestors. We honor the complexity of our lineages, and invite you into Jewish ancestor reverence practices, whether you are Jewish or not, whether your belonging in Jewish spaces has felt easy or constricted. It’s a space to try and to feel, where there is no wrong way to have a body and where we welcome our chosen ancestors alongside those we claim by blood. Through song, movement, stillness and prayer, we will invite you into embodied reverence practice for the sake of collective liberation. Facilitated by Jay Tzvia Helfand and Jules Pashall.



Access Information:

This will be an experiential practice space, and not a lecture or webinar. Except for a few activities where we will invite you to turn off your video, we encourage you to plan to keep your video on throughout, as a way to stay present together in the space. If/when this is not possible, we understand. We will be providing verbal, visual and written instruction. We acknowledge that prayer and ancestral connection are no easy things for many of us, and encourage you to consider your needs and boundaries as you explore your relationship with these themes.



At times, we will be inviting you into movement and/or movement visualization, reflection, song and somatic and guided exploration of our inner worlds. Much of this would ideally happen in a private space – your own bedroom, garage, etc, where you have some space to move around and where you will have no (or limited) interruptions from the outside world. We know this may be challenging for some, and trust you all to navigate your unique circumstances in the ways that work best for you given the realities of potentially living in shared space while sheltering in place, but if you have a room with a door that closes that you can use for this time together, or a way to avoid your housemates/lovers/family seeing you take awkward and vulnerable shapes with your body, please plan to do that. Contact Jay at jaytzvia@gmail.com if you have specific access questions or needs. 


October 29, 2020
9:00 am - 9:45 am PDT